Phone Number 770-961-4332

ALLSOUTH Environmental Services, Inc. follows all safety procedures as required by the Department Of Labor (O.S.H.A.), the Department Of Transportation (D.O.T.), and the Environmental Protection Agency (E.P.A.).


Our employees average 10 years of experience in the environmental service field and hold the following certifications:


We understand the importance of our equipment and we use an aggressive in-house preventive maintenance program to ensure each piece of equipment operates at peak performance for many years. This is an important feature because our customer's are usually on tight downtime schedules. So delays due to equipment failure are unacceptable. We believe no one in our industry has a maintenance staff with as much experience and ingenuity to solve problems as quickly and safely. We have a satisfactory DOT rating. There are no permit requirements for transportation of non-regulated materials in Georgia. However, we do manifest all waste shipments and retain copies of all such movements.


Allsouth maintains the following equipment in its fleet - 5,500 gallon Vacuum Tankers, Industrial Wet/Dry Vacuum Loaders(Air Movers), 3,200 gallon industrial liquid vacuum trucks, Sewer cleaning trucks(Jet Trucks), Hydraulic Sludge Pumps, Roll off trucks, 20-25 Vacuum boxes, 20 yard open top roll off boxes, 25 yard open top dewatering boxes, Boom Trucks